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Role: Creative Director, Executive Producer, DP

Cue the Curves, founded by Charlotte Oxnam, empowers plus-size women to take control of their relationship with style by offering access to brands and inspiration in a safe and supportive environment.

What started as a project in The Garage at Northwestern University has developed into a company valued at six figures and counting. With interest mounting in the Chicagoland area and further testing through TechStars Chicago, the time came for the first visual of the official platform to be launched.

When director Caleb Whittaker brought me the concept, I was excited to bring this product demo to life. Premiering at TechStars Chicago, the product demo was a success and continues to support Cue the Curves as it ventures to become a household name in the women's fashion ecosystem.


Role: Director, DP, Editor

A play about a rehearsal for a play — with snatches of song, some bursts of dance, crazed rants about life, and two or three appeals to the moon and Jane Austen — Fortitude and Gentleness needed a promotional video that captured the show's unique essence.

Shot in the Wirtz Center for Performing Arts at Northwestern University, this video was a collaboration between Jay Towns and playwright Billy Siegenfeld on the creative vision for this production's marketing.


Role: Director, DP, Editor

Developed as a Capstone Project through the American Music Theatre Project (AMPT), Abandon All Hope takes the story of Dante's Inferno and expands on its questions and absurdity in a musical comedy. 

After garnering the attention of MT lovers all over the world and fundraising over $15,000, music director and conductor Samuel Perlman decided to bring Abandon All Hope to the audience's ear via cast recording.

I got the opportunity to witness over 30 student musicians come together to create the cast recording of Abandon All Hope that will be available to stream in Fall 2022.


Role: Director, DP, Editor

The Northwestern Lifespan Development Lab wanted to highlight a new study that they are doing - Emotion Regulation in Late-Life Marriages. Spearheaded by Associate Professor Claudia M. Haase, this study details what parameters researchers look at when determining the quality of a late-life relationship, and how to improve existing ones. Comprised of many researchers - undergraduate through doctoral candidates at Northwestern University - the Lifespan Development Lab is conducting fantastic research that will inform many studies to come.


Role: Director, DP, Editor

The Watson Team of Re/Max AllPro is a charismatic powerhouse real estate team located in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. When they contacted me, the team expressed that they wanted a video that showcased both their love for each other and their love for real estate. It was equally as important for them to display their professionalism while also maintaining an approachable ethos.


Role: Director, DP, Editor

The idea for this project was brought to me by inspired art students who wanted to nominate their art teacher for the Lifechanger of the Year award. Teresa Bliss, who is the residential art faculty at Schaumburg Christian School, pours her heart and soul into her work and her students without getting much in return. I created this video to have visual proof that to countless students, Mrs. Bliss is so much more than just an art teacher. 

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